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Meet Esmeralda, or how her close friends know her… Emmie!

Emmie is an extremely sassy, chonky little six month old girl with a big personality and a look to match.

A strong girl like her though does have a backstory that her future family should keep in mind:

Originally found as a little sick girl at a farm, she was brought in and taken care of. By that point, her right eye had developed an ulcer which created a film just across her eye… And while we were concerned she told us no! Don’t be!

While Emmie did suffer from cat flu, she bravely fought through it and even with one eye affected, her vision is fine and doesn’t affect her sight. So while she does have a lil magic eyeball now, she is just like any other kitten! One that is absolutely OBSESSED with cuddles!

Short on the legs and thick on the tum, Emmie loves to roll around on her back and tempt you to pet her lil’ belly… Don’t be fooled! Even if you are trapped by her little hands, Emmie is very quick to learn yes from no and she would love a family that would show her the difference! Emmie would LOVE to be the only kitten in your life as she is a boss babe who does not care for others in her turf. HOWEVER! Emmie has previous dog experience and can go to a suitable dog home that understands that Emmie is the leader of the pack!

She can go to a home with older children as she can be feisty and we do encourage her to be mostly indoors with supervised outdoor time (or indoors at nighttime!).

If you want a kitten who will adore the ground you walk on by slapping your toes and giving you a lil kiss, Emmie is the gal for you!

For more information please TEXT Lary at 027-427-1040

Emmie has been fully desexed and vaccinated which is included in her final adoption fee. Emmie can be adopted through Paw Kitties at a fee of $200

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