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Gary, Gus and Greg

Gary, Gus and Greg

Meet Gary, Gus & Greg.

Gus is a gentle soul who’s fave thing to do is take care of others. He is the big brother of the trio. This boy is cool, calm, and collected and the moment he is held in your arms he melts and purrs against you as if he fell in love at first sight. Gus can go to ANY home with other cats, dogs, or kids as his patience is bountiful. He would make an EXCELLENT companion to a child or adult with special needs with the incredible ability to sooth whoever he is near.

Gary is a chubby little man with a bright pink nose who is all about playtime! He adores his brothers and nothing riles him more than jingly toys he can attack and paper bags he can destroy! He is a little shy at first much like his sibling, Greg, but he’s worth all the wait! He does take a little bit of time to warm up to humans, so we suggest patient children who won’t overwhelm him. A dog might be too much, but another household cat won’t be a problem! We ask that he is adopted alongside his brother Greg as they thrive best together!

Greg is our biggest boy who loves to sneak little munches when no one is looking! He is a sleepy guy, and aside from his brothers, his second favourite thing is basking in the warm sun for a lazy nap. You will always find him belly up in a comfy place. Greg will thrive best with his brother Gary, however, just like him he also needs time to warm up to a human companion. He will suit best a home with older children and of course, with his brother Gary in tow.

The adoption fee for one kitten is $200. For two kittens it is $360. All Paw Kitties come desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flead, and wormed.

If you are interested in the triplets please fill out the following form and Lary will get back to you ASAP. For questions please text (not call) at 027-427-1040.

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