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George – Adopted

George – Adopted

George was brought into us several months ago as a wild cat desex. With some love, care and time, we successful tamed him.

George truly is the smoochiest boy. He loves to show off his big belly and thoroughly enjoys a good scratch behind the ears.

George was recently adopted out to a lovely family, although due to his rough play and manners, they were forced to surrender him back. Every now and then, his ex wild cat colours will come through and he will give you a wee swipe! Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend that George is adopted to a home with young children. He would better be suited to someone who has previous experience with young adult cats who like to play rough!

We estimate George to be about two years of age. He has now been desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. His flea and worm treatments are all up to date.

The cost to adopt George is $50 which will help contribute towards the above procedures.

More pics of George can be found on our Trademe listing (link below).

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