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Gingee – Adopted

Gingee – Adopted

Gingee was brought to us as a tiny wild kitten found in the Glen Innes area. After spending time in a foster home in an attempt to tame him, he was brought back to the clinic for further socialization.

Considering his very nervous and aggressive temperament when he was first brought in, Gingee has come along way. Although, his new owners will need to be prepared to spend a lot of time and patience with him to help build his confidence and trust.
He isn’t quite at that stage where he will allow you to pick him up and have a cuddle, but once he’s let down his barrier and has built a good level of trust, we are sure he will make the most rewarding pet.

Ideally, Gingee would be adopted to someone with a quiet household (ie, no dogs or younger children). He would benefit from having another well socialized kitten or cat around to show him that people aren’t all bad.

Gingee is approximately 5 months old. The cost to adopt Gingee is $120. This will cover the cost for desexing, microchipping, full vaccinations and flea/worm treatments. This will all be done before he is adopted to his new home.

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