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Mr Dorian Grey and Mistress Tabby – Adopted

Mr Dorian Grey and Mistress Tabby – Adopted

Meet Dorian Grey and Mistress Tabby

Here is what their amazing foster mum had to say:

Mistress Tabby
A sweet shy princess that is slowly coming out of her shell and I feel really does want pats and attention but is just timid.
Will happily sit NEAR you, but no patting (yet)
Loves playing with her feather on a string and has a wee plastic ring she carries everywhere with her.
Very food-driven, and is very attached to Mr (Dorian) Grey, she cries if she can not find him and he usually comes to find her and they head off together to adventure in the house.

Mr Dorian Grey
Mr Grey is doing great, we have started snuggling on the couch and he loves fluffy blankets and sleeping in a basket, Loves pats and tummy rubs (on his terms of course)
adores playing with his silver star on a string and has such a forgiving nature and is such a smoochy wee boy, he loves sleeping by my computer when I’m trying to work at home. I do not doubt that he will be a lap cat very soon.

Both are still a little nervous if you are moving a bit too quickly near them, so will need a quiet house ( no kids or dogs).
They both cuddle up together at night in their basket and do hate being away from each other, so will need to rehomed together.

The kittens are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flead and wormed.

The cost to adopt is $200 for both.

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