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Stubbs – Poor Abused Kitten! – Adopted

Stubbs – Poor Abused Kitten! – Adopted

Stubbs has a sad story to tell….
This little guy was brought into our clinic as an emergency case after several members of the public witnessed someone intentionally driving over his tail, then picking him up and throwing him against the road!

Stubbs was admitted for an urgent tail amputation due to the bone being exposed, leaving him with nothing but a stump (hence the name). During the act of being thrown against the road pavement, the pads underneath his paws had been torn off so he has had to have special bandages put on to allow them to heal back nicely.

When Stubbs was first brought into the clinic, was understandably in a lot of pain! Although as one can imagine, he was also extremely frightened of humans. We were unable to even approach him without being attacked.
BUT…the progress he has made during the short period of time he has been in our care is absolutely remarkable. Stubbs will now tolerate being picked up, and small, gentle cuddles. So long as he is approached in a quiet and calm manner, he will warm up to you in no time!

We want the absolute best and caring home we can find for this sweet little guy. Stubbs has almost made a full recovery and we are hoping to have his forever home secured before the New Year.

We estimate Stubbs to be approximately 7 weeks old. The cost to adopt wee Stubbs is $180, which will cover the cost for his desexing once he is old enough as well as microchipping and vaccinations. His flea and worm treatments will be all up to date prior to adoption.

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