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Tottie – Adopted

Tottie – Adopted

“Tottie” was brought in at 4 months of age in a trap, sick and scared and destined for euthanasia. After spending months in a hospital cage at the vet clinic, she was still very untrusting of most people and quite feisty.

But when she was finally moved to a foster home, although terrified for the first few days, she eventually blossomed into a smoochy and very loving cat.

Tottie absolutely loves pats and rubs her face and arches her back very hard into your hands. She is actually quite confident once she gets to know you.

Tottie will need a quiet home with no young children. She still does not like being picked up although this should improve with time.

She is a gorgeous colour and is very soft but has a shortened left ear (a procedure done during spey time when it is thought that a cat will not be able to be rehomed but released instead).DSC_0082

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