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X Litter – Adopted

X Litter – Adopted

We have the X Litter:
XENA – Ginger domestic short hair, female
XAVIER – Ginger domestic long hair, male

Both are approximately 9 weeks old.

These two were brought into us with their mother who was a wild cat. Unfortunately they have taken on some of their mothers manners, so are timid. Although, the progress they have made in the very short period of time they have been in our care is outstanding! They’ve gone from hissy, spitty little fireballs to approachable and curious little kittens. We have no doubt that with some love and commitment, they will be great companions.

Xena and Xavier do obtain their confidence from other kittens, therefore they would do much better if they were to be adopted together, with another kitten or adopted to a home with another confident young cat.
It is definitely possible to adopt just one of the two, but please bare in mind that it will take time and commitment to grow their confidence with their new surroundings.

Once they are old enough, they will be desexed and microchipped.
Their vaccination course has already started. Their flea and worm treatments are also up to date.

The cost to adopt one of these kitties is $180 which covers the cost of the above procedures.

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